Interview with “Blood Doc” John Fitzgerald, D.C.

by Wendy Schauer on October 28, 2012

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. John Fitzgerald for the past couple of years.  Like myself Dr. John is a chiropractor.  More importantly he is an innovator and a pioneer in health care who has worked with over 5,000 patients in helping them lose weight and keep it off.  Dr. Fitzgerald’s nickname is, “Blood Doc John”.  He earned this nickname from the revolutionary work that he does with blood work/lab results.  Dr. John has worked with some of the biggest names in professional sports, MMA, and U.F.C.  One of his most recognizable clients (and friend) is U.F.C. Hall of Famer and actor, Randy Couture.

Dr. John was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to allow me to interview him and to introduce my readers to him and his work..  If you would like to know more about “Blood Doc” John and his work you can follow him on Facebook.

I hope that you will enjoy this interview.

With Passion and Conviction!


Wendy Schauer: Dr. Fitzgerald, you just wrote a book called, “Fat Loss: The Truth”. What made you decide to write it and how has the book been impacting the lives of those who have read it?

Dr. John Fitzgerald: The book was a manual that I used at my weight loss clinic. I wanted to educate my patients so they would have better success losing weight. The book contains actual medical facts about weight loss so the reader knows exactly what works and why it works. I expanded the manual and turned it into an actual book when I started teaching health care professionals and personal trainers how to most effectively help their clients who want to lose weight and most importantly keep the weight off.


"Fat Loss - The Truth", by Dr. John Fitzgerald, D.C.


W.S.: In addition to being an expert in the areas of blood testing and understanding blood lab results, you are also a chiropractor. What made you decide to become a chiropractor?

J.F.: I got hurt playing football in college and a chiropractor helped me.

 "Blood Doc" John Fitzgerald, D.C.

W.S.: How did you get into the field of blood work (lab results) interpretation?

J.F.: I got into nutrition before chiropractic college when my father got cancer. At that time I was learning everything I could to help him.

W.S.: Dr. John, from what you have seen in your many years of studying lab tests (results) what are the Top 3 things that are causing ill health in people?

J.F.: #1 Being too acidic is a major problem. CO2 levels as measured in blood work are an indicator of the buffer system.  If levels are low, that means the person is using their buffer system to counteract acidity levels.  This is a bad situation but very common.  It is caused from not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I make a green smoothie nearly everyday for lunch with lots of juiced and powdered veggies and blended fruit.  I have this down to such a science that my kids even love them.

#2 Low levels of vitamins and minerals are commonly seen on blood work.  Certain minerals like magnesium, zinc and iodine are commonly low because people do not get enough in their diet.  These are important for so many functions in your body.  Magnesium has 300 known functions.  These minerals are necessary for hormone production and immune system function.  You can even be stressed out mentally from low magnesium.  This is why pretty much everyone needs to take nutritional supplements.  As far as vitamins, it is common to see low Vitamins B-complex, C and D.

#3 Low levels of anti-oxidants like CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione and cysteine are common.  These slow the aging process and assist in liver detoxification so you obviously don’t want to be low in them.  Who wants to be 50 years old and look 65 years old.  That is exactly what can happen if you are low in nutrients.

W.S.:  How did you begin the transition from working with the general public to eventually working with some of the top athletes in the world?

J.F.:  Word got out to athletes and they started contacting me to help them out. It started many years ago and has expanded to several sports.

W.S.:  Dr. John, what advice do you have for the “average” American to get themselves on thepath to better health and well-being?

J.F.:  Here is a video of me going over blood work. Dr. Wendy can do this for her patients also so you should contact her to have it done. It makes a huge difference in your health and performance.


W.S.: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

J.F.: Buy my book Fat Loss The Truth from Dr. Wendy or order it here –

If you are a personal trainer or coach and would like to give nutritional advice to your clients, watch this video and sign up to take the course from My Nutrition Advisor.

W.S.:  Dr. John, thank you for your time.

J.F.:  My pleasure.

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