Is Self Sabotage Holding You Back?

by Wendy Schauer on May 10, 2012

Earlier today I asked the question, “Who Are You Choosing To Be?” – I told you my story about the journey that I am on to help people and be the best possible person I am.  I introduced you to Mark Edgar Stephens and Ori Bengal.  Today I want to introduce you to another friend and mentor of mine, Kevin Hogan.  Kevin is one of the greatest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting and getting to know.

I believe in life that we should all have people who inspire us and uplift us.  My friend Mark Edgar Stephens refers to people who uplift us and inspire us as “Inspirationators”.  Inspirationators are like buoys that can support you if you are stranded on the open sea.  For me, my “Inspirationators” are my husband,  Pavel Tsatsouline (I can never thank Pavel enough for introducing me to the power of the Russian kettlebell), Mark Edgar Stephens, and Kevin Hogan.

In life it is easy to get caught up in the moment and continue through the same daily patterns and routines.  It’s also very easy for us to allow other people to bring us down.  I once had a coach tell me that if I wanted to be a better tennis player that I needed to start playing against more people who were better than me.  When I started playing against people that were at a higher level than I was I immediately became frustrated – because I was losing all of the time.  But, I kept with it.  Over a few weeks I actually started winning some matches and that felt pretty good!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a tennis match or life in general, when you surround yourself with a high caliber of person you eventually “step up” a level.  That is what has helped me be the person I am…being around people who are at a “higher” level than I am.  That’s why I try to surround myself with buoys like Mark Edgar Stephens and Pavel Tsatsouline - because I want to grow as a person.

Kevin Hogan is also one of those people who has helped me grow as a person.  A couple of years ago Kevin created a progam called, “Life Storms”.  This is a program that has had a huge and influential impact on me and my life.  It helped me pinpoint the areas in my life where I would start to have a “Life Storm” or a self sabotaging moment.  Life Storms is not a “fluff” progam.  It is all meat and potatoes…and that is what I love about Kevin (and his programs) he always under promises and over delivers.


Blast through self-sabotage with Kevin Hogan's Lifestorms CD/DVD Program

LifeStorms is about breaking away from and eliminating the self sabotage that holds us back.  It’s about creating the life you want.  Stepping up to the next level.  It’s about being able to surround yourself with people who inspire and uplift you.  It’s about being your own Inspirationator first and then finding Inspirationators outside of yourself. I will be the first to admit that I’ve been guilty of self sabotage many times in the past.  It’s not a fun pattern to be caught up in.

Almost all of us are our own worst enemies.  We get stuck in these patterns that continually interrupt us from living the life of our dreams…instead, we just find ourselves settling.  Settling for whatever life presents us.  I encourage you to not just settle.  I believe that we were all meant to do more, achieve more, and help more.  I love this statement from Dr. Wayne Dyer, “I am a Human Doing, not a Human Being.”

Here is to all of us becoming Humans Doing…doing more to help ourselves and doing more to help others and make great changes all around us.  Surround yourself with great people.  Step up, make some changes, live the life that you have dreamed about and that you deserve.

With Passion & Conviction,


Sonya Lenzo May 10, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Wendy, its interesting that you use the word “stuck” above. Stuck is where I was at when I found Lifestorms. My greatest regret in life is that I did not find this program sooner. It showed me patterns in my life that had been causing me problems and holding me back…over and over again. Now, every day, I am grateful, to be free of those things had me “stuck” and kept me from having what I wanted in my life. Kudos to Dr. Hogan and to Lifestorms.
With Joy..
Sonya Lenzo

Michael D Walker May 11, 2012 at 12:38 AM

Great to see you launching your own website and sharing more of your personal story. You are an Inspirationator too!

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Suzanne Laramore May 11, 2012 at 9:02 AM

Wendy, I have to agree. Kevin puts out top quality products. Lifestorms is the next product of his I want to purchase. Thanks for the recomendation.

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Dan May 16, 2012 at 3:38 PM

it seems true that we are either evloving or de-evolving – and that there is not any middle ground

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