What Do I Want For Christmas?

by Wendy Schauer on December 7, 2012

I received this wonderful e-mail this morning from Steven Barnes at www.DiamondHour.com and wanted to “repay him” by posting this to my blog.  I hope you enjoy the idea as much as I do.

With Passion & Conviction,


“I get asked this by students who would like to send me gifts, or presents in gratitude for these notes. And what I’ll say is: do someone a favor.

Find someone who cannot repay you, possibly doesn’t even know you, and make their life a better place. Go out of your way to give without any expectation of repayment. It simply makes the world a better place for all of us, gives you a TERRIFIC feeling, and is part of what I call “earning my air.”

Please. Do this for me, for yourself. If you feel that these notes have been of any value to you at all, there is only one way to repay me. Pass it on.


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