What Happened To Please and Thank You?

by Wendy Schauer on September 13, 2012

I was raised in a time where all kids were taught to say Please and Thank You. These are simple little words that say so much. I look around today and I seem to find that etiquette is eroding away at an incredibly fast pace. As our society becomes more “Me, Me, Me!!!” it appears that other people don’t matter.I like to envision a world where people are polite to each other, respect each other and lend a helping hand.

Many times I have heard someone say that they weren’t polite to someone because the other person wasn’t polite to them. What happens if you are polite – even if the other person wasn’t but then it made that person stop to think? Maybe the next time or the 20th time they finally start being polite. I believe if you lead by example and don’t stoop to the other person’s level change can happen. I believe that it is time to go back to the Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated.

When someone holds a door open for you please acknowledge them and say thank you. When someone lets you in in traffic take the time to wave your hand as a thank you gesture. Stop using your cell phone when you are in line at the grocery store and say hello and thank you to the courtesy clerk. Look the waitress/waiter in the eye when ordering, don’t treat them like slaves.

Saying Please and Thank You can make a big difference in someone’s day. Lets see if we can start making a positive change in the world by starting to use these simple words.

Thank you for listening and have a fabulous day!


Sherrill Cannon September 14, 2012 at 6:15 AM

As a former teacher and grandmother of ten, I like this post very much and offer the following suggestion for a book about manners. In a society full of bullying and self-centered children, it is helpful to teach your children the benefits of consideration for others and being polite as early as possible. The Magic Word is an award winning book emphasizing good manners, which can be read to toddlers. It is a rhyming story of a little girl who was rude, selfish and demanding – and had very few friends. Her mother suggested that she needed to improve her manners; so when she went to school the next day, she thought of her mother’s advice, “What is the magic word?” and she started saying “Please” and also “Thank You”. She tried to become more thoughtful of others, and discovered that she was a much happier person. The repetitive use of the phrase “What is the magic word?” has children answering “Please”!

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